Doula Support, Education,  Healthy Home consulting




I am generation Schoolhouse Rock! I believe that knowledge is power. This has given me a sincere sense that gathering information is not a burden but a blueprint for life. This has shaped my rivers and valleys of motherhood.


Pregnancy and Parenthood is a delicate time. There are many decisions to make and much information to be gathered. I sincerely believe that create a safe, sustainable and affordable home environment without feeling overwhelmed is possible and necessary.


It is important for your home to be a healthy and safe haven for you and your family. So often the things people tell you that you can’t live without, you shouldn’t be living with. I am here to help you cut out the white noise of what you need to buy and focus on creating a safe space of support, education and knowledge.


I am here to help you navigate all aspects of your pregnancy journey. From gift registry, BabyCare, Childbirth Education and Doula Services, I am here for you.