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As a birth Doula I am here to offer you support, comfort and information. I want to not only help you envision your ideal birth but also give you tools to create it. It is important to me that you understand all of your options in labor and that every decision made is yours individually. I am here to be by your side but also to remind you that this is your birth and you are in charge of it!


As a young child I often accompanied my Father to work because I am an animal lover and he is a Veterinarian. One day he sat me down in front of a cage with a dog in it and told me she was going to have puppies. I was so excited but as I watched her pant and circle, I begged my Dad to help her. His response was that she is a Mom and has everything she needs to safely birth her pups. He told me that my job was to be still and make her feel calm and safe. That memory stayed with me throughout my life and I bring those principles into my Doula Practice. Patience, confidence and holding space for you, I will work hard to make sure you feel supported.


I am here as a resource to help you navigate pregnancy and birth. I support all types of birth. My goal is to provide information, confidence and the individual attention that you need to relax into your labor. I understand the changes that are taking place in your relationship as well and value being a support to your partner. I use Essential Oils, massage, position changes and comfort measures to help ease you through your stages of labor. Feeling confident on how to care for your Newborn is essential and I offer my BabyCare Class as part of my Doula Package.


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