Mother. Wife. Doula. Childbirth Educator. Midwives Assistant.

My name is Rachel. I am blessed to be a Mother, Wife, Doula, Childbirth Educator an Midwives Assitant. I am here to  support you through the arc of pregnancy, birth and your delicate  postpartum period. I can help you navigate the shifts and needs of your body, your relationshps and your home. 


I will offer you and your family support, education, information and a loving space to explore all of the different questions and needs that may arise. This is an exciting time but can also be a place of fear and unexpected emotions. I am here to help walk by your side into your birth, with all of the tools that you want. Support looks different for every client. I will help you create what your family needs to feel confident and safe. If you are unsure of what you need because this is your first time, I will help you figure it out and I promise that we will have fun doing it! 


My goal is for you to feel safe and protected and for your birth team to feel confident that they have the skills to support you as well. I will work to empower you with knowledge, tools for labor and birth and answer your questions therefore alleviating the fear of the unknown. As an educator, I offer hands on, informative and evidence based childbirth classes to help prepare you for labor, birth and baby care. 


The best way to advocate for you is to help create a team around you… As an experienced Doula, I come with a database of exceptional Birth Workers and have referals for whatever modality  you need. This can include therapists, body workers, lactation support, placenta encapsulation and much more. When you work with me, you have access to these care providers. We will help to curate your perfect birth team. I work hard with birthing people to nourish space where they are informed, confident and empowered to create the birth experience that they envision, empowering them to know what they need and advocate for it. 


"Do you know about Doulas and how cool they are? This woman changed my whole labor from scary to perfect. My contractions came on so quickly that I thought I'd miss out on the birth I wanted. She arrived and changed the whole scenario. I got to have my peaceful, natural birth even though I had to go to the hospital so quickly. I mean, I got into a room at 1:30pm, then had Wiley at 5:37pm! So a big THANK YOU to my lovely doula, Rachel Myers. I really think her advice and expertise made my labor faster, smoother and even kind of beautiful. I highly recommend you look into Doulas(or her in particular!) if you ever want some help in having the birth you envisioned.. "

-Megan T., Sherman Oaks, CA