As a Doula, I use a combination of intuition, science and information.

Doula Services

I am generation Schoolhouse Rock! I believe that knowledge is power. I have a Bachelors of Science in Earth Systems Science and Policy. When I got pregnant with my kids, all of my love of research and science shifted to the science of childbirth and a deep love and appreciation of how our bodies and our babies work together as a perfect system to come earthside. As a Doula, I use a combination of intuition, science and information to help you feel safe and connected to your baby and your birth. I believe that one of the best gifts that I can share with you is informed consent. This means that I help provide information to help you understand and navigate everything that is happening during your labor and why it is happening. This empowers you with information to be part of the decision making process, ensuring that you feel safe, grounded and connected to your birth. I do not judge the type of birth that you need to have, I am just here to help give you information so you can create it! 

I offer one package for your birth that consists of three prenatal visits, your birth and one postpartum visit. When you hire me, I am your new Google! 

Dont get scary advice online. I am here to help answer your questions from helping you create a healthy baby registry to caring for your baby during those first few weeks...I am here to help. Please contact me for a sample contract and rates for Doula services.