"There really aren't enough words to convey how incredible our experience was with Rachel. She is one of the kindest, warmest, most genuine and intuitive people we have ever met.

This being our first baby, we had absolutely no idea what to expect, but having Rachel by our sides through the pregnancy, labor and delivery gave us such calmness and peace.

My labor was intense (60 hours?!) and I know if we did not have Rachel walking us through each step, the birth of our baby boy would have been so much different. Rachel created such a peaceful environment both while we were laboring at home, as well as in our sterile and uninviting hospital room - using her essential oils, massage techniques, electric candles and twinkle lights - which allowed us to relax and really take in the whole experience. With Rachel's guidance and calming energy we were able to have the birth we had always envisioned.

We could never ever fully express our gratitude to Rachel or sing her praises enough. She made our sons' entrance into the world the most incredible experience for both my wife and I, and she will forever be our friend and his Auntie Rachel. "

-Kathleen Hasay

"I have hired Rachel as my doula when I was four months pregnant and I am so glad I did it so early. Rachel met with me and my husband few times to go over our birth plan, the whole process, and to help explain few things to my husband in a more understandable and reassuring way (we are both first-time parents). Both me and my husband felt that Rachel truly supported our ideas and at the same time made us understand that birth cannot be planned and open-mindedness is a key to a positive experience no matter what happens. For us, the most important role that Rachel filled, was one of reassurance, support, and making sure that we truly understood what was happening and why so that we could make informed decisions without feeling like we were pushed into anything or were not part of the decision-making. Although our birth ended up being completely different than what we planned, the entire experience was a positive one, because we felt that we were heard, understood, and able to make informed decisions about every step. I don't believe that this would be the case without having Rachel there."

-Sara F., Sherman Oaks, CA

"Do you know about Doulas and how cool they are? This woman changed my whole labor from scary to perfect. My contractions came on so quickly that I thought I'd miss out on the birth I wanted. She arrived and changed the whole scenario. I got to have my peaceful, natural birth even though I had to go to the hospital so quickly. I mean, I got into a room at 1:30pm, then had Wiley at 5:37pm! So a big THANK YOU to my lovely doula, Rachel Myers. I really think her advice and expertise made my labor faster, smoother and even kind of beautiful. I highly recommend you look into Doulas(or her in particular!) if you ever want some help in having the birth you envisioned.. "


-Megan T., Sherman Oaks, CA

"I would highly recommend Rachel to any first or fifth time Mom.  I moved to LA from abroad and needed a friend and support during my pregnancy and Rachel was both and more.  From her knowledge and personal experience with pregnancy and child birth, to her bedside manner, Rachel is a star.  She’s like the sister I never had, who knows a lot more than any sister would.  Her green approach to pregnancy, childbirth and child raising, was very important to me and my husband and she guided us through all of those questions and concerns.

Thank you Rachel for being a part of our family during the most special time of my life "


"I was petrified, quite literally, about giving birth, but thank GOD I found Rachel!  Her calm, loving demeanor was a perfect fit for me.  That’s not to say she wasn’t FUN as hell and there to laugh with me when I needed that too!  She listened patiently and never imposed a view onto us, but rather gently guided us with her immense knowledge and by asking us questions that led us to our own conclusions.  She really knew the best way to handle all people and personalities involved and did so with such grace.  Her coaching us through labor and delivery was key, I’m not sure we could’ve done it without her help and love.  She is forever a part of our family! "